Maite Zaitut from Mägo de Oz (lyrics translated to english)

(Avui tot plegat escrit en Spanish/English)

Maite Zaitut” means “I love you” in basque language, but this post refers to a Song of Mägo de Oz that, except the title, is completely wrote in spanish. Today I would like to translate as well as I can the lyric to english.

Attached to the lyrics, the band wrote that:

Precious popular song that a mysterious pilgrim heard from a Basque sheepherder Ander Guisasola, whose sang to a girl named Ana Mancha, also known as “la pecosa” (the freckled). The pilgrim observes, seems to learn.

Maite Zaitut (original lyrics, in spanish)

Quiero ser tu piel en el invierno
Para que el frío en ti no pueda entrar
Quiero ser la luz en tu camino
Sol en la noche, agua dulce en el mar

Ser la puerta que nunca deje pasar
Al largo silencio y a la soledad
Ser distintos cuerpos con un mismo fin
Ser, cariño mío, ser yo en ti

Y si he de romper cadenas que me aten
A la costumbre, yo las partiré
Y si he de mover montañas que con mi mente
No me dejen verte, mi amor, las moveré

Pongo por testigo a dios que no te fallaré
Yo seré consejo, nena, pero no tu juez
El tiempo me enseñó que el alimento del amor
Es la confianza, el respeto y un colchón

Now my custom translation to english.

Maite Zaitut (translated to english)

I want to be your skin during the winter
to prevent the cold enter inside of you
I want to be the light on your way,
sun at night, fresh water at sea

To be the door that never allows to enter,
the long silence and the solitude
To be different bodies with the same end,
to be, my dear, I be [am] in you

And if I have to break the chains that tie me
to the custom, I shall brake them,
and if I habe to move mountains with my mind
[that] do not let me see you, my love, I will move them

I call to witness to God, I won’t fail you
I will be your advicer, baby, but not your judge,
The time taught me that the food of the love,
it is the trust, the respect and a mattress.

I encourage you to listen this amazing song.


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